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It all started with a man, a dream, and 1953. 

Geremia Lametti came over from the country of Italy in the late 1920’s. He started out making brick manholes and then in 1953 a company was born. Over the years Lametti and Sons grew from 1 man to a company that was pioneering the way. As time went on the company grew and took on new challenges and the next generations started to carry on the vision. Geremias’ son, Victor J was the first, then on to his sons, Gerry, Victor Guy, Mike, and Mario. The company is now on its 3rd generation from what it all started from. One humble mans dreams turned into a legacy. Even though, over the multiple decades of changes, expansions, and undertakings of new styles of work. There have been some things that never changed. 

We still strive to produce quality work for the owners at hand. The attention to detail and precision to perform the work requires care and understanding. Lametti and Sons still believes with the ever-changing world, and tightening deadlines, it should not take away from the reputation that our staff has created. And without those dedicated and brilliant People we would not be where we are today. 

If you are proud in your abilities, believe in hard work, and address it with care and understanding here at Lametti and sons. No matter the position, or length of employment. You are important. If this is something that you want to be apart of, we here at Lametti and sons would be proud to meet you.

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